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My startup idea 2021 will succeed or fail?
June 21, 2021, 1:21 pm

My startup idea 2021 will succeed or fail?

  • Update Time : Saturday, July 18, 2020
startup idea 2021


How do I evaluate whether my startup idea 2021 will succeed or fail?

No one can say what will happen in the future. But after checking some things, it can be said that when you go to do business with an idea, the level of risk is more or less. Again, no one knows the future. More risky business ventures can be successful; less risky ones can fail.

From several years of observation, it seems to me that most people around the world who are enthusiastic about startups do not know what startup means. For example, many people think that startups will get prizes and grants from the government by participating in various competitions. Many startup companies need such rewards and gifts, but startups can run without them. If the entrepreneur’s primary goal is to get an award, then it is not a startup, it is begging. 

Let’s look at another type of misconception:

Startups are the way to become famous fast. Many startups are brilliant, but most do not. Many successful startup ideas have never been remarkable or will never be, but the business has been successful. These puzzles don’t answer the questions, but I read the mysteries because if you have these misconceptions or the wrong path, the method of measuring risk as a startup will not work.

Before measuring startup risk, you need to understand what startup means. The startup is a search process. The goal is to find a business model that can replicate and expanded arbitrarily based on a preliminary idea. The day you find a repeatable and expandable business model, your startup will grow into a business or enterprise. 

startup idea 2021

The definition of success for a startup is precise:

Finding arbitrarily repeatable and expandable business models. Below are a few simple questions to help you start your business from scratch. The more the answer to the question is yes, the higher the risk.

This idea did not come to anyone’s mind except me:

The approach cannot describe in one or two sentences. None of those who came up with the concept before were interested in working on it.

I haven’t thought about how the revenue will be:

No tax, just a bunch of money from yourself and your partners / free labor. One or more neutral criteria for measuring progress, such as quarterly revenue, number of subscribers, or successful activities, were not determined.

I did not set a goal of progress in time:

I did not think of a way to deal with the situation or a contingency plan if I could not achieve the goal or continue to make losses.

No decision has made about the remuneration and responsibilities of others who will be partners, including me.

I don’t know my startup idea 2021, will succeed or fail.

Feeling stubborn. For example, “I’ll do this startup anyway, even if it’s a business loss!”

If more than half of the questions are yes, it would be better not to do this startup idea 2021. In that case, spend your time and effort on something else. Catching a lousy project at the beginning and stopping it is also your success as a person. Seeing the danger while driving on the road is like saving lives by applying the brakes.


During my several years of observation and overview, I discuss in hereabout the topic,” My startup idea 2021 will succeed or fail?”

If there any misconception, anything needs to add or If the expectation of this content supported you. For inspiration, please feel free to comment in the comments section. Did I miss any of your ways to develop startup idea 2021 share some details about working for you, and I’ll add them to the list!

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